Who we are

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Our Mission

We have a dream that together we can give little children with learning challenges a genuine opportunity to grow intellectually and emotionally, develop healthy outlooks in life, and reach their fullest potential. Our aim is to help break the cycle of poverty for some of the most needy families in East Vancouver.

With your help…

  • children with learning difficulties can receive specialized one-on-one tutoring, have a good start in education and grow to reach their full potential.
  • children are encouraged to develop self esteem, confidence, and a sense of achievement.
  • they and their families would find hope for a brighter future as they experience caring, long-term relationships with their tutors and other VUM volunteers.

Together we are dreaming big dreams!

Our Beliefs and Values

  • We believe that each human being is equally important, has intrinsic worth and is uniquely valuable.
  • We believe in a firm grounding in education, particularly in the formative years
  • Our passion is for the disadvantaged and disengaged and we believe in building long-lasting, and loving relationships
  • We carry a deep sense of hope that things can change and be transformed
  • We strive to persevere, to remain faithful to our commitments, and keep going for the long haul
  • We hope our values permeate everything we do and that they are obvious wherever and whenever you encounter VUM.

Why our mission is important

Vancouver Urban Ministries assists children, youth and families in the East Vancouver communities of Grandview Woodlands and Strathcona. Our community members are mostly of Aboriginal descent or are from immigrant families.

In East Vancouver the poverty rates are:

  • Strathcona 58%
  • Downtown Eastside 70%

In the Greater Downtown Eastside

  • 80% of children are behind the provincial average in reading
  • 50% of children are behind in mathematics

In BC:

  • 8% of children live with a parent struggling with alcohol addiction
  • 4% cent of children live with a drug-dependent parent

The Greater Downtown Eastside suffers from very high rates of drug and alcohol addiction and mental illness.

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