VUM Scholarship

Vancouver Urban Ministries has extended our support for children with learning challenges in East Vancouver, by launching the Vancouver Urban Ministries Scholarship. The vision behind this scholarship is to provide continuing support for students who are graduating from elementary school and from our tutoring program and advancing into secondary school education.

The scholarship will allow students who have shown progress and particularly an aptitude for learning to be given the best chance to succeed as they progress through secondary school.  In particular, the scholarship will pay for students from low income families to access secondary education at an approved Christian school in Vancouver.


Scholarship Criteria

VUM first scholarship recipient

1.            VUM SCHOLARSHIPS prioritize children who have had at least one year in the Vancouver Urban Ministries Rising Above Tutoring Program and have demonstrated:

  • a desire to succeed in their studies by regular attendance at tutoring classes and engagement with their tutor;
  • progress in the program by achieving grade level or one grade below grade level in reading and writing;
  • have a positive school report from the last two school years showing good attendance and classroom participation.

2.            VUM SCHOLARSHIPS provides financial support to children from families which are considered low income. (i.e, Those whose income falls below the Low Income Measurement thresholds published by Statistics Canada).

3.            VUM SCHOLARSHIPS will only be provided based on existing available funds to support the full requested scholarship application.

4.            VUM SCHOLARSHIP awards will only be made to students who are enrolling in an approved secondary school in British Columbia, Canada. Applicants must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants.

5.            The value of the scholarship may amount to a maximum of 100% of the published annual school fees for the approved school.

6.            Applications for VUM SCHOLARSHIPS will be accepted after 1st June each year and will be approved by 31st July.

7.            Applications will be considered and subject to approval by an approvals committee appointed by the Vancouver Urban Ministries board members.

Please contact David Innes, Executive Director for more information about applying for a Scholarship through the Vancouver Urban Ministries Scholarship Fund.

Words from the community:

“I am reading more now. My spelling and writing has improved a little too. The concept cards really helped me think about what I have learned. They give me more confidence.”

  • A student from the tutoring program

"Your one to one program is valuable for all our students because they come to school so emotionally needy.  This is rare to see in our school. We often are not able to do that, and it is not characteristic of us to be asked. The students begin to read, but their social and emotional wellbeing is also being addressed. The love shared implies the message safe."

  • Principal, MacDonald Elementary


"I was always worried about my son’s school performance. 

Although Canadian born, he was always put in ESL help until grade 5. The tutoring program has helped him improve a lot. The program really helped because I’m a single mom and cannot afford the tutoring my son needed. I am very happy to see my son receive a B in English because before that he usually would get a C or C-."

  • Mother of child with a reading disability

“I’m enjoying school now. I like reading stories, they make me think but my strength is my drawing.”

  • A student from the tutoring program

Vancouver Urban Ministries tutored both of my daughters and they are now in high school. Now my son is being tutored. I am very grateful for the help VUM has been to my family.

First Nation father

Donating to the VUM Scholarship Fund

We are inviting donations towards the Scholarship Fund as we look forward to supporting more of our students in their secondary school education.  The scholarship fund has been set up and will be administered separately from the VUM general fund.

Please contact David Innes, Executive Director HERE to learn more about how you can support a child through their secondary education.  A grant of $30,000 will pay for a child’s secondary education at a private Christian school for the 5 years of their education.

You can donate towards the scholarship fund by visiting our donate page and selecting the VUM Scholarship Fund on the drop-down menu.  Alternatively, you can donate by cheque payable to Vancouver Urban Ministries, specifying the VUM Scholarship Fund in the memorandum section of the cheque.

If you wish to fully sponsor a child through their secondary education, we will gladly add your name, or the name of your organization to that particular scholarship fund.

Achievements at VUM

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