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Specialized Tutoring Program

One-on-one specialized tutor

There are many families in desperate need of the specialized tutoring offered by VUM. Tutoring lies at the heart of the support we offer to children and families and is key to developing loving and nurturing relationships. You can give a child and his/her family a wonderful gift and experience a fulfilling role in your support for the child’s educational growth and for the family.

Details of the commitment that our volunteer tutors gift to the children are as follows:


Elementary School in Strathcona or Grandview, East Vancouver.

Weekly Schedule:

One-on-one tutoring (minimum twice a week, 1 hour per tutoring session).

Teaching Method:

Tutoring is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach for teaching children who have learning challenges.


You will receive free training in VUM’s Orton-Gillingham approach and gain wonderful experience as a therapeutic tutor. Training takes place at the beginning and fall of each year.

Minimum Commitment:

2 school years (This is to provide stability for the children)

Age Requirement: Must be 17+

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Music Teacher (1-2 hours, Once a week)

You can give at-risk students a sense of confidence and achievement.

Work with one of the students in your community and provide them with an opportunity to learn how to play an instrument! Must be 15+

Music lessons are arranged based on your schedule and the schedule of the students. We ask that music school volunteers make an 7 month commitment to the program. Music school runs from mid-October to mid June. 

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Family Gatherings are a key element in the support we offer to children in East Vancouver. These are occasions for relationship building with the children and their families and where we communicate the children’s progress and seek the support of the parents. These gatherings also give the children opportunities to develop essential communication and relational skills.

If you and your friends would like to volunteer to help set up and/or to provide or purchase a meal for one or more of these gatherings.

These events are a wonderful opportunity for you and your group to become involved with the children and their families and share your care and compassion for them. Your group will have great fun and fulfillment in being part of an amazing team!

Groups or individuals can volunteer to help at a community event! Vancouver Urban Ministries holds special events for the families throughout the year. You can help bring great summer fun to the community or help with events during the year!