Community Events

Community Meals and Summer Programs!

Just as importantly as providing a tutoring program, we pay special attention to building caring, supportive, nurturing long-term relationships. Our goal is to encourage the children and their families to develop a greater sense of self-worth and confidence and to grow in their social skills through positive and meaningful interactions.

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Community Events & Summer Program

People need good news! Our Community Events provide opportunities for children and families to hear life-transforming good news for their future development.

Throughout the year, including Christmas and summer, our staff and volunteers organize awesome fun and educational events for children, youth and families. They’re meaningful ways to keep kids active in learning while making sure they’re having lots of fun playing in safe spaces. As well, they’re a great way for participants to make friends, develop social skills, and celebrate life together!

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Family Gatherings

Family gatherings provide truly rewarding opportunities to practically share our support for them and to encourage parents and children with hope for a brighter future. They also provide an environment where children can develop social skills and families can learn new life skills.

At these monthly family gatherings we share a meal together and develop closer relationships with the children and families. Through music, fun family activities and inter-active talks we celebrate life and share healthy, intentional, positive values. Our desire is that by engaging with these values, our families will grow in hope and find meaning for their future together.

If your group would like to help out in setting up, preparing or purchasing a meal for one or more of our Family Gatherings, please volunteer HERE

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Every year, with the sponsorship of some amazing partners, we send the children from our programs to summer camp. This is a fantastic and life-changing experience for our kids and we are so grateful to everyone who participates in this adventure.

These Community Events cannot happen without your help!  If you or your group would like to become involved in helping to plan and run one of our events, we would love to hear from you. Please volunteer HERE