Private Music Lessons

The Eagle Youth Music School

The Eagle Youth Music School

The Eagle Youth Music School enriches our students’ lives by providing free music lessons for elementary and high school students who come from low-income families.

One-on-one private piano lessons are available from professional and practicing musicians.

Due to a lack of funding, not all schools are able to sustain music programs. many families are not able to afford music lessons, we have partnered with MacDonald Elementary since 2008 to provide free music lessons for students.

Click on Link below to volunteer as a music teacher! 


The Benefits of Music

According to research, musical abilities boost students’ confidence and ability – enabling students to perform better at school.

The benefits of learning an instrument include:

  1. Learning discipline
  2. Stress relief
  3. Enjoyment
  4. A sense of achievement.

Words from the community:

"I enjoy the music lessons very much, I feel happy and relaxed when I can play. It helps me forget about the troubles in my life."

  • EYMS student

"It is always a delight to watch the music students perform with such great confidence and with smiles on their faces."

  • Esther Leung-Kong, Eagle Youth Music School Director