Online Tutoring Guidelines – Parents and Tutors

In order for your child and the tutor to have a successful and enjoyable experience on the program, we would be grateful for your support. Good communication is very important to the success of your child in the program.

Vancouver Urban Ministries is a non-profit organization which invests finances to enable children to be tutored each week. Our tutors volunteer their precious time to help advance your children’s education.

Therefore, we would request that you respect the tutor’s time and effort by making sure your child is punctual for tutoring.

1) First Day: Where possible, one parent or guardian should be present online for you to get to know your child’s tutor. We want you to feel part of the team focusing on your child’s progress.

2) Online tutoring sessions will be arranged by the tutor through the email address provided by parents.  Please ensure that the email address provided is fully monitored by parents/guardians so that each parent/guardian is aware of all arrangements for the tutoring sessions.

3) Term Commitment: From October to June, your child will receive two 60-minute online tutoring lessons per week. There will be no lessons on stat holidays, Pro-D days, Aboriginal celebratory days, and Parent-Teacher Conference days.

4) Videoing of tutoring sessions: From time to time, we may video your child’s tutoring sessions purely for tutor training purposes. These videos will only be discussed between the tutor and the tutoring director for the purpose of tutor training only and not as any assessment of your child. These training videos will be deleted. They will not be on file or shared online. You will be advised beforehand if your child’s tutoring session will be videoed.

5) Cancellation of tutoring sessions: Please notify your child’s tutor by text if your child cannot come to any tutoring session 24 hours ahead of time, if at all possible.

6) If you are running late or have emergency: If your child is going to be late for a tutoring session, please text or call your child’s tutor before the scheduled tutoring time. Likewise, your child’s tutor will text or call you if he/she will be late. If no text or call is received and your child is not online during the first 15 minutes of a tutoring session, the tutoring session will be cancelled. Tutoring will be resumed in the next tutoring date.

7) Policy for termination of tutoring sessions: Unfortunately, we may have to terminate your child’s tutoring lessons if sessions are continuously or frequently cancelled. We will discuss this with you prior to cancelling tutoring sessions.

8) Contact Person: Maria Choy, Tutoring Director at 604-512-2338.