Online Tutoring

Letter to Parents

We do hope that you and your family are staying safe and well during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As you are well aware, the Vancouver School Board, with the advice of the provincial medical officer, has closed schools in Vancouver indefinitely. The government has also advised that there should be no gatherings of people outside the home in order to avoid spreading the virus.  As a result, Vancouver Urban Ministries has suspended its face-to-face tutoring program until the schools recommence.

However, we wish to continue to support your children’s education despite the COVID-19 crisisYour child’s tutor has very kindly made themselves available to continue to tutor your child online.

What is VUM Offering?

  • We would like to continue to provide free specialized one-on-one tutoring to your child online for up to 2 hours per week. Tutoring will start immediately after Spring Break.
  • Your child would meet with their normal tutor online to continue their tutoring program.
  • If you are agreeable, the tutor will be in contact to arrange a regular time to meet with your student online during normal school days. Each tutoring session will last for up to one hour on two different days of the week. The tutoring times would be fixed at the outset so that you and the tutor are able to plan your week.
  • We will continue to tutor online until the end of the school year in June if necessary.
  • We will follow the normal school calendar with breaks for school holidays:
    • April 10 ‐ Good Friday
    • April 13 ‐ Easter Monday
    • May 18 ‐ Victoria Day
    • June 18 ‐ Tutoring ends

What equipment do I need?

You will need the following at home to allow your child to be tutored online.

  • Either a laptop computer, a tablet, or a desktop computer which has a camera and microphone.
  • Internet connection
  • A place for your child to sit at a desk or table

Please let us know if any of this is an issue.

How do I link to my child’s tutor online?

If you wish to have your child tutored online while school is closed, then scroll down this page to see the clear instructions on how to connect with your tutor online.  We will provide a trial run to make sure that you know how to connect to your tutor.

What do I do now?

We do hope that you will take advantage of the opportunity for your child to be tutored online while the schools are closed.  If you wish to have online tutoring then please Contact me.

We look forward to continuing to support your child as they grow in their education.

Kind regards,

David Innes,
Executive Director
Vancouver Urban Ministries

How To Get Ready

If you need help with any of these steps to get yourself ready please give David a call and he'll help you get connected: 778-319-2214


Setup Your Device for access to Google Meet


Laptop or Desktop

If your browser is not compatible, when you go to this link there will be links for you to download and install a compatible browser.

Browsers that work: Chrome, Firefox, Edge







Download and setup the Google Meet App if you have a Google Account. If you don't have a Google Account you can instead use a web browser on your tablet just like on the laptop and computer (see above).




Test your camera and microphone so that the settings work before your child's tutoring session. If you have a Google Account then this should be something you can do on your own by sending a meeting request to a friend who can help you test the settings.

If you don't have a Google account you can request that your tutor sets up a test session with you so you can configure this before your child's tutoring session.

This Page Has All the Info You Need to figure out how to use Google Meet:


Through the Contact form, send us the Email address where you can receive emails containing the links to the Tutoring sessions.

Each tutoring session will have a unique one time use meeting code link. This link will be emailed to you and will need to be clicked on to join the meeting.

How To Connect To Your Tutoring Session



Go to to Start a Tutoring Session

Enter a Name for the Tutoring Session

Join Your Tutoring Session (you'll be the first one there)

Add Your Student to the Tutoring Session

Enter the Email Provided by the Parent

Send them the Invite to Join the Tutoring Session

Wait for the Student to Join You




Open the Email for this Tutoring Session
(Remember: each session has a unique link/code)

Click on the Link and Ask to Join the Tutoring Session




Go to to Join the Tutoring Session

Enter the Code

Ask to Join the Tutoring Session