Meet the Team


Stan Choi

Board Chair

Although my successful career in business has been varied and very satisfying, nothing compares with the blessings I have had in my voluntary work with Vancouver Urban Ministries in my retirement years.

Working with and for underprivileged kids with learning difficulties brings me indescribable joy! I love the opportunity to apply my entrepreneurial spirit and management skills to help vulnerable children in East Vancouver!

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David Innes

Executive Director

Since leaving a banking career, I have found myself drawn to working with the broken and disadvantaged in the community. I am passionate about working to restore hope, build self-esteem and mend broken relationships. The opportunity to work with disadvantaged children so that they can progress in their education and fulfill their potential in life is very exciting to me.

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Ruth Stobbe

Tutoring Program Director

I have a great passion for inner-city children having difficulty in school. Having 37 years of teaching experience with children of all ages in British Columbia, Japan and Brazil, I have a vision to see communities working together, so that every child can have the help they need to be successful in school and in society.

I have spent the last 14 years specializing in the needs of students with learning differences such as Dyslexia and ADHD.

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Winnie Fuggersberger


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