Volunteer Opportunity: Part-Time Tutors

Vancouver Urban Ministries is recruiting volunteer tutors to join our team part-time.


Vancouver Urban Ministries is a registered charity that provides tutoring to disadvantaged children with learning disabilities in the poorest neighbourhoods of East Vancouver. We are recruiting volunteer tutors who share our passion and belief that all children are unique and valuable and deserve every opportunity to participate in education to the greatest extent possible.


The demographic in which VUM operates includes some of the most disadvantaged families in Canada with children of Aboriginal identity, children of recent immigrants and children of female lone-parent families suffering significantly higher poverty rates than the national average. The link between literacy and poverty has been clearly established with those with low levels of literacy much less likely to be employed.


Our conviction is that establishing literacy in the early years of a child’s life will greatly improve their opportunities for education and employment and address a significant issue which traps adults in a cycle of poverty.


VUM uses the multi sensory Orton Gillingham approach to tutor the students at their schools during after school hours. We are recruiting volunteer tutors for our current school year who are willing to commit to 2-8 hours per week. Training on the Orton-Gillingham approach will be provided. Please visit our volunteer page for more information about our specialized tutoring program.


Please apply today if you are interested in this position or for more information.