COVID-19 RESPONSE: Switching to Online Tutoring

With schools remaining closed after spring break we are offering ONLINE tutoring for 2 hours each week to our existing students during the remainder of what would have been a normal school year.

Not all of our tutors are available but most are. Please contact us if your child wants to continue their tutoring sessions online and we'll let you know if their tutor is available.

We are attempting to contact all parents through email but if you have not received anything from us please use the Contact Form to let us know you are interested.

Online Tutoring Sessions are scheduled to begin by March 30th.

We created a page with directions for Parents and Tutors participating in Online Tutoring (click here to go to it).

Helping little children with learning challenges make big strides!

Providing free one-on-one tutoring in the poorest neighbourhoods in Vancouver

What We Do

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The tutoring program provides a nurturing atmosphere where students with learning disabilities receive the one-on-one help they need to succeed.


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The Eagle Youth Music School enriches our students’ lives by providing free music lessons for low-income elementary and high school students.